Please read frequently asked questions…

What can I earn?

It varies and depends on the leaflet delivery campaign. As a guide, pay is typically £30-£40 per thousand leaflets. Many distributors can deliver 1000-2000 leaflets in a day. For each campaign, you’ll receive a document which contains instructions and the pay for that campaign.

What are the hours?

It’s up to you – you can work when you want, for as long or as little as you want – full or part time. You’re in control.

What exactly will I have to do?

Just follow the instructions provided with each leaflet delivery campaign; this will detail exactly what to do. You will be delivering door-to-door in specified areas, either to residential properties or businesses, or in some cases, both. You will not be expected to sell anything or to hand flyers to passers-by, this is strictly door-to-door.

Am I suitable?

If you enjoy working outside and staying active, this is ideal for you!

How and when do I get paid?

Payment is usually either at the end of each day or at the end of the leaflet delivery campaign. Payment will either be by bank transfer or cash if the business you’re delivering leaflets for is locally based.

How can I increase my earnings?

There are 2 ways to increase your earnings:

  1. The obvious one – deliver as many leaflets as quickly and regularly as you can
  2. Become a ‘Team Leader’ and build a network of Leaflet Distributors – we’ll explain how to do this in our portal, it’s very straight forward and essentially means you’ll be building your own leaflet distribution business, with our support.

Are there any fees/charges?

There is a nominal registration fee to cover the cost of sending documents, shoulder bag and set up on our system.

Will I be employed by you?

No, you will be an independent / freelance leaflet distributor.